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  • Return Policy

    WE DO NOT REFUND MONEY under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This guarantee is a part replacement guarantee.

    Your sensor was thoroughly tested the DAY OF SALE prior to SHIPPING. We know it's a perfectly working device when you receive it. If it isn't working for you to dismiss the related engine failure codes after you install the part from us and drive the vehicle 40 miles, it's because you have a wiring deficiency that supplies voltage to the device. THERE IS NO OTHER POSSIBILITY. Wiring tests should be done prior to ordering to determine whether or not you need a sensor, pigtail replacement OR BOTH. We want to sell you exactly and only what it needs to repair your truck for this repair. URGENT: If you ignore the warnings on the installation instructions and someone bench tests the sensor anyway, this voids our ONE YEAR GUARANTEE. There are multiple warnings NOT to do this all over the instructions that come with the device. We test the sensor the day of purchase. We know they are working perfectly when you receive them. NOTE: Bench testing the sensors trying to blame the device when the code doesn't dismiss due to a voltage deficiency, destroys them altogether. 

    We offer a ONE YEAR PART REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - All of our products are guaranteed for ONE YEAR. During that year we will gladly replace the part should it fail testing upon return to us. WARNING: IMPORTANT: RETURN AUTHORIZATIONS are REQUIRED for part replacement. EMAIL US for tech support and return authorization for our part replacement guarantee. 

    NOTE: We do not refund money under any circumstances. Our ONE YEAR guarantee is a part replacement guarantee ONLY. This includes any or all of the following circumstances you may experience but are not the fault of this corp:

    • The absence of a legitimate and conclusive voltage test prior to ordering which would have revealed the obvious wiring deficiency you may not have been aware of at the time you placed the order and the brand new sensor you purchased from us doesn't have enough proper voltage to perform. It's not the brand new flex fuel sensor, it's your wiring and the voltage deficiency preventing it from working well and dismissing the codes.

    • Misdiagnosis (no engine failure code or a code that isn't related to requiring this part). The purpose of the device is to repair the truck. It is is NOT a gas saving device only. Note: Trucks with engine failure codes don't get good gas mileage. After the repair is completed, your truck will return to getting the same good gas mileage it always had prior to needing the part. This is not a gas saving device or a conversion part. It is a part that will repair your truck IF you have the appropriate OBD II - engine failure codes listed.

    • No basic auto repair skills-lack of enough basic auto repair skills to install the part and complete the repair OR lack of the proper tools to complete the repair.

    • Sale of vehicle before the part arrives. NO NEED FOR THE PART.

    • Theft of vehicle or total loss of the vehicle prior to installation. 

    Our ONE YEAR GUARANTEE is a PART REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE. Your sensor was tested the DAY OF SALE. It comes to you a perfectly working device. Email us at pointaengineering.technical@gmail.com if you need instructions on wiring tests and spec voltage-do not attempt to simply return the perfectly working sensor because you don't understand the repair. 

    You won't find a better guarantee than that on any electronic auto part. We are an email away for support.  We appreciate our customers and respect the money they spend. 

  • Store Hours
  • You can email us anytime at:

    pointaengineering.sales@gmail.com for pre-order questions ONLY

    pointaengineering.technical@gmail.com for technical support ONLY

    We are present in the office Monday-Friday 9 a.m - 6 p.m. PACIFIC TIME to respond to email.

    Our offices are closed for business Saturdays and Sundays and national holidays.

    It's our pleasure to help you.