About Us & Testimonials

We are Automotive Engineers and ASE CERTIFIED MASTER TECHS with over 50 years in the automotive repair industry with a focus on electronics. We recognize that many people choose to enjoy the economic savings non-OEM parts can provide.

Our mission is simple: To provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell.

Customer Testimonials: 

Just wanted to say great product! Installed in about 5 minutes and check engine light went away and finally passed emission test! Not to mention I'm getting about an extra 6 miles to a gallon of gas. I will definitely put the word out about your product. Beats buying a $700 sensor! Thanks!  Tony-Hermitage, TN

Thanks so much for your product.  I ordered it on Thursday, received it on Saturday, installed it on Sunday in about 5 minutes, the check engine light came off after driving it that evening for about 1/2 hour, and it passed the MD VEIP inspection this morning (Monday).  Our Suburban seems to be even more responsive than it had been before the check engine light came on.  We are completely satisfied with this product and have already told many others about it.  Oh, the savings was great too!    Chuck-Middletown, MD

I bought my sensor for my Chevy Tahoe on Tuesday. I installed it Friday in about 10 minutes and my engine light is off. My car no longer idles rough and my acceleration has been restored!!! You saved me at least $1,000. Thanks so much!   Jonathan-Baton Rouge, LA 

I wanted to take the time to offer my testimonial. I got your product quickly, had questions that were promptly answered, installed it in under 10 minutes (and I'm not mechanically inclined at all)  but I'm willing to give anything a shot. The "Service Engine Soon" light went off almost immediately, but I still drove through a drive cycle per your instructions. My emissions check came back "Passed", and I was good to go.  Timothy-Atlanta, GA 

I received my order today and installed the smart sensor according to your instructions. Service engine light is out now and my truck is running fine. I was told it would cost $950.00 to fix my truck-you saved me $800.00 . Johnny-Jasper, GA 

I would just like to thank you, this product is a life saver:) I had my truck parked for 9 mths cause I didn't have $$ to spend on a new flex fuel sensor,($670) but I kept on researching then you guys popped up. It WORKS!! Thanks again and your customer service is flawless:) Joey-New Jersey

I purchased a sensor for my 2000 Ranger p/u truck. I installed the sensor and  I am pleased at this point the engine light is off and truck seems to be running better. Installation was effortless and done in no time at all. It took longer to jack up the truck than it did to install it. Thank you for the savings in all areas it appears you have an awesome product. Thank You-Ed, Ohio

I would like to thank you for the exceptionallly fast shipping. Since I installed it, my truck is back to normal with a little more power and the check engine light has not come back on. Again THANK YOU for all your support and help. It was a great experince working with your company. I will be bragging your company up.


The temperature in mid New York State has started to get a little warmer, with the snow melting  a bit.  So, I decided to work on my OMB II Code P0178 problem.  The information you sent to me below on proper voltage levels  was invaluable information.  In summary, the ground was good, the white wire had a 5 volt reading.  The pink wire with 12 volt was intermittent, I checked the wire out, found a corroded  area.  This problem was corrected.  The dash light is out and your sensor is working great.  THANK YOU.  Not only does your sensor work great, your personal support on the phone and via E-mail  helped a country guy like me find and resolve the problem.  If you lived closer I would stop by your business and give you a big hug.  Feel free to use this note in your company advertisements or any way you desire.  Thanks again for everything.- Don - New York, New York 

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!!! Bought last week, received it quickly. Installed it and the Check Engine light went off within 75 miles of driving. Passed emissions with flying colors. Simple install and saved me around $600. Awesome! - Glenn-New York

I  am just writing to say you guys are awesome! My 02 suburban was throwing the code PO179 and obviously didn't pass emissions test...talked to my mechanic and he said it is most likely the flex fuel sensor; $600 or so....so I was searching the forums for a way to bypass the dang thing, and saw someone singing your praises....so I ordered the sensor replicator from you late Friday night and holy cow I got it Monday!!!! Talk about lightning speed!! So I crawled under the beast, plugged in the sensor, zip tied her against the frame, cleared the code, did a couple drive cycles, and TADA I passed emissions!! That's what I call a win! So I give you 5 stars and you have my business in the future...I'm also telling everyone I know about you guys! So thanks again for your great work!! Bryson-Texas


Thank you much for the part. Took code off instantly! Wow, thank you much! - Tony, Ohio

Very Quick shipping, works as described. Very good product.   Kristie-Plano, TX

 Fast shipping!! They even included extras to help in installation. I passed emissions!!    Kevin-St. Louis, MO 

Great product, worked like a charm, really fast shipping, thanks a million! Chris-Baytown, TX

Worked GREAT!     Ray-White Haven, PA

Great service, worked as advertised!  William-Manhattan, IL

Great product, worked great! Very fast. Outstanding! Thanks! George-Tyler, TX

Thank you for this product!  Engine light is off and it has smoothed out nicely. Fast shipping too! Thanks again!!  Chad-Tyrone, PA 

Great item at a good price. Easy to install. Fast Shipping. Thanks!!  KST- Sparks, NV

Great money saving product with an unbeatable free shipping deal! Fast delivery!  Jamie-Elon, NC

Excellent product and quick shipment.  Michael-Sylvania, OH