Flex Fuel Smart Sensor

Flex Fuel Smart Sensor

 for Ford Ranger & Ford Taurus


Meet the new generation of Flex Fuel Sensors.

Our Senior Automotive Engineer has over 50 years of experience in the auto industry with a clear focus on electronics. This sensor is already in vehicles all over the USA and CANADA and our customers are extremely satisfied. They tell us their vehicles run smoother and get much better gas mileage after installation. This sensor can eliminate engine error codes P0176, P0177, P0178, P0179. We have designed and manufactured this sensor to replace the $600+OEM sensors - Ford Part No. 9C044-AA or Ford Part No. 9C044-BA. 

It’s simple.

 Plug in and DONE.

Installs in minutes. No special tools.

No crazy connectors.

No crimping or cables to connect.

No gas lines to disconnect.

Detailed and easy instructions are included with each sensor purchase. We even tell you exactly how and where to locate your old sensor and show you a picture of it for recognition purposes. We supply you with all the necessary items to install the sensor simply and easily and we are present 5 days a week by email to assist you if you need it.

  • Tremendous cost savings over an OEM sensor ($600+)
  • Much better gas mileage upon installation and the truck is repaired
  • Smoother running vehicle
  • ONE YEAR PRODUCT REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE (Page down for return policy details)

Specially designed to work on these Ford products:

1999-2000 Ford Ranger-3.0 L

1994-2000 Ford Taurus-3.0 L

How does it work

Simply put, our sensor duplicates the signal that the OEM sensor produces. Your engine control module sees the signal it expects and it clears the engine failure codes. Our Flex Fuel Smart Sensor is designed to use with Regular Unleaded Gasoline which contains up to 15% Ethanol. We do not recommend installing our Flex Fuel Sensor and continuing to use E85.




Your sensor was thoroughly tested the DAY OF SALE prior to SHIPPING. We know it's a perfectly working device when you receive it. If it isn't working for you to dismiss the related engine failure codes after you install the part from us and drive the vehicle 25 miles, it's because you have a wiring deficiency that supplies voltage to the device. Wiring tests should be done prior to ordering to determine whether or not you need a sensor, pigtail replacement OR BOTH. We want to sell you exactly and only what it needs to repair your truck for this repair. 


We offer a ONE YEAR PART REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - All of our products are guaranteed for ONE YEAR. During that year we will gladly replace the part should it fail testing upon return to us. IMPORTANT: RETURN AUTHORIZATIONS are REQUIRED for part replacement. Email us for tech support at pointaengineering.technical@gmail.com and return authorization for testing of the part and our part replacement guarantee. 


NOTE: We do not refund money due to any or all the following circumstances:


  • The absence of a legitimate and conclusive voltage test prior to ordering which would have revealed the obvious wiring deficiency you may not have been aware of at the time you placed the order and the brand new sensor you purchased from us doesn't have enough proper voltage to perform. It's not the brand new flex fuel sensor, it's your wiring and the voltage deficiency preventing it from working well and dismissing the codes.

  • Misdiagnosis (no engine failure code or a code that isn't related to requiring this part). The purpose of the device is to repair the truck. It is is NOT a gas saving device only. Note: Trucks with engine failure codes don't get good gas mileage. After the repair is completed, your truck will return to getting the same good gas mileage it always had prior to needing the part.

  • No basic auto repair skills-lack of enough basic auto repair skills to install the part and complete the repair.

  • Sale of vehicle before the part arrives.

  • Theft of vehicle or total loss of the vehicle prior to installation. 


Our ONE YEAR GUARANTEE is a PART REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE. Your sensor was tested the DAY OF SALE. It comes to you a perfectly working device. Email us if you need instructions on wiring tests and spec voltage-do not attempt to simply return the perfectly working sensor because you don't understand the repair. Email us for tech assistance at pointaengineering.technical@gmail.com.


You won't find a better guarantee than that. We are an email away for support. We appreciate our customers and respect the money they spend. 


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Flex Fuel Sensor Replicator for FORD Products-CLICK FOR INFO

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